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Reviews for KDuncan & Company

"Over the past ten years, Kevin Duncan and his group have done an outstanding job providing real-time DCAA-accounting consulting services from the bookkeeper level to the CPA level. My company has successfully passed our DCAA audits and submitted provisional rates and incurred cost submissions with his team's support. Kevin is customer-centric and understands the importance of providing cost-effective services that add value for his clients. We are pleased to call KDC a valued member of our consultant services network." —Ed O'Malley, VP of Finance & Administration, Syntonics, LLC

"KDC has been very helpful to our company, especially pertaining to DCAA audits. They are very knowledgeable as to what should be addressed, and a time saver concerning these audits. In general, any question we may have concerning government contract compliance, they are able to get us an answer in a reasonable time." — Brian Betz, Controller, LG-Tek

"KDuncan & Company is highly professional and very knowledgeable with DCAA audits and the related issues." — Daniel Eke, CPA, CGFM, Daniel Eke & Associates, PC

"Kevin Duncan knows government contracting inside and out. Relying on his expertise, saves me time and headaches; freeing me to focus on growing my firm." — Vinod Goyal, President, Enterprise Information Services, Inc.

"KDuncan & Company has guided Maricom through the intricacies of Government contracting including having indirect rates and accounting system approved by auditors." — Bill Gibson, CPA, Maricom Systems, Inc.

"EPSS has depended on KDC for our cost proposal development for more than 2 years. Each request has been both responsive and competitive. Their commitment to superb quality has earned my trust." — Regg Person, President, Enterprise & Portal Software Systems, LLC

"Kevin and his team are the best at what they do. Kevin helped me to prepare, defend and win my DCAA style audit for a contract with CSC on DHS. I can't speak highly enough of Kevin and his team. They made my life super easy from what I was attempting to do on my own." — Andre Fraser, Principal, ETE Enterprises

"I highly recommend KDuncan & Company for start-up companies, as well as mid-level and mature companies that require solid advice and guidance to ensure compliance with State and Federal Tax regulations and rigorous accounting standards. For over 16 years the staff have been extremely professional, knowledgeable, responsive, client-focused, and ethical." — George Jackson, President/CEO, Focused Management, Inc.

"The support we've received from KDC has been invaluable. Their knowledge and focus on client relations is at a level we don't see very often with other outside consultants. A great deal of Orizon's success can be traced back to the services provided by KDC." — Shari Lerner, Director of Operations, Orizon, Inc.